COMING SOON! A circle to build relationship, skill, confidence, and personal power with the tools of sacred sound

Readings currently done under the 3-day power of the full moon. Subscribe to my email list to get the offer each month since space is limited every round. Subscription option now available!!!

This realm of my world is rich, deep soul work with many options for you to engage. Whether I make your sacred item or you join me in a rattle or drum making circle to craft your own, I guide a transformational journey for all who show up.

Soul crafting is the artful action of becoming who you are through the exploration of your inner world and finding your sacred voice to empower your choices from a soul-full truth. Being in this realm also brings you the spiritual support to nourish you as you forge new lands of your Self. The goal is wholeness, as you are...for WHO you are...scars and all. Diggin' deep, owning up, letting go, moving on, and crafting life through choices made soulfully.

That's the gist! Peruse these pages to explore more information about the details, knowledge is power after all. And sometimes, knowledge is a knowing that needs no words to talk one into saying "yes". Thing is, a wild soul path is one of instinct and trust. Chances are if we are going to make some energy medicine magic together, you already know it. All you have to do is take that action with me.